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The Villa

A place where you can be yourself

Shakti is the place where you can be yourself, the purest part of you. You can make the best qualities of the human sphere germinate within you. The names of the rooms are, in fact, an invitation to become the best version of yourself every day: the intent is to create space within you and fill your soul with authentic and profound feelings. Each room has its own essence, unmistakable with the others, but at the same time all the rooms give an incredible feeling of peace and serenity. 

There is a great desire to relax and listen: it is Mother Nature speaking outside. Boho chic decor is filled with details and embellishments, bringing to mind far-flung, world or spiritual travel. Each piece of furniture has its own story and gives spaces an aura of charm and uniqueness. Zen references are exchanged with majolica tiles of a thousand colors and magical rainbows. Vintage furniture in rattan and wood are wonderfully combined with ethnic elements, or antiques from the Bel Paese. The pastel colors are diversified in every environment and combined with great taste.
Nothing is missing in these rooms, but they will only be complete with one precious element: your vital energy, your Shakti.

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