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Sun, 27 Aug


Province of Sassari

“AWAKENING” 7 Day - Mindset coaching & Yoga Retreat, in Sardinia

Participate to this amazing retreat from 27th August to 02nd September 2023, where you can experience Mindset Coaching and Yoga in group, in order to release old patterns and awaken to a new you, alongside Gemma Gilmour and Manuela But.

“AWAKENING” 7 Day - Mindset coaching & Yoga  Retreat, in Sardinia
“AWAKENING” 7 Day - Mindset coaching & Yoga  Retreat, in Sardinia

Time & Location

27 Aug 2023, 19:00 – 02 Sept 2023, 10:00

Province of Sassari, Strada Vicinale Tanca de Les Peres, 2, 07041 Alghero SS, Italy

About the event

From 27th August to 02nd September 2023, escape to the idyllic island of Sardinia for this unique experience of Mindset Coaching and Yoga to reset, recharge, and emerge renewed.


Discover the tools to create a solid sense of inner safety and unlock your unlimited potential, regardless of external circumstances, while exploring the breathtaking scenery of the island through sailboat tours and excursions.

Clearing out old patterns is crucial to building a solid foundation to move forward, and to avoid getting stuck in limiting outcomes and to embody an attitude of optimism.


This is your opportunity to change your life and becoming the empowered woman you want to be!







Cozy and wonderful villa with pool, garden and SPA, Shakti Retreats is designed entirely for the well-being of body, mind and spirit.

Just 7 km from the airport and 4 km from the beaches and the city of Alghero, this place will allow you to reconnect with nature and your true essence by giving you a new concept of vacation.


Next to Meditation and Yoga practices, designed to donate Relax and balance, here at Shakti you will find a complete offer of activities and excursions to get you in touch with all the elements of the nature. We are in fact a short distance from Alghero, the pearl of the Coral Riviera: a place full of marvellous beaches and coves, very ancient and energy-dense archaeological sites, nature trails within protected parks. In this charming town of Mediterranean Sea, the Catalan culture mixes with the Sardinian one, giving life to absolutely unique languages, colors and flavors.


All of this will frame a unique journey, the one inside you.



This retreat offers a unique combination of Mindset Coaching and Yoga, designed to help you release old patterns and awaken to a new, empowered self. This specific program will help you to calm your nervous system, enabling you to awaken to unlimited possibilities. With the support of group coaching, you'll gain motivation and accountability to create a life of purpose and success.


Gemma’s programme is like building the foundations of a house and, together with the evening yoga classes, will allow you to feel safe in your body and your mind to move forward in the process. At the end of the week you will feel renewed and full of empowerment in order to perceive your life goals.


Session 1: Clearing and understanding

In this coaching session we’ll go deep and uncover HOW you create experiences, because the way you create one experience is often how you'll go on to create other experiences. We’ll clear the most common clusters of patterns and distortions in your use of language, imagination and relationship with your body / emotions that keep you stuck in survival mode


Session 2: Building Response-ability

We start with ownership over our powers (response-ability), which takes away the feeling of powerlessness, over-responsibility and puts you in charge of your thoughts, feelings, communication and the actions you take. If you don't feel ownership over your thoughts and feelings, change is next near impossible or at the very least lucky. You'll be fighting and struggling with your own way of thinking and feeling, rather than transcending and choosing them.


Session 3: Liberating The Self

You'll learn how to separate who you are from what you do. Having a solid sense of self-worth that is independent from what other people say or do (or don’t say or do) as well as your successes and mistakes, is key to feeling safe as you move out into the world, the unknown and beyond your comfort zone. It's also a key foundation for being able to receive, though we will work on that more later.


Session 4: Building An Attitude Of Optimism

Then we focus on optimism and clear a pessimism explanatory style through building the permission to experience all kinds of emotions (sensations in our body) in a given situation and we clear the distortions of discounting, personalising, making things permanent and pervasive. Essentially, pessimism is about making the situation about you and then spreading it to all areas of our lives, forever. And we forget all the things we are already great at or that we can already count (which we call discounting). This will also clear a general sense of dread, hopelessness and feeling low.


Session 5: Embodying Trust & Envisioning A New You

The previous steps build a solid sense of safety, and next up is building trust. Trust in ourselves, the Universe, others and our goals. This process has proven to be incredibly powerful and often creates a strong positive emotional response among clients. It creates the shift necessary to move on to the “creation part” of the program. Along with the three previous processes, this builds a solid sense of inner safety and puts your body into the rest and relaxation state rather than fight/flight/freeze.

Once you are there, regardless of what is going on outside of you, you get to go through the process of awakening to your new, unlimited desired state. Here you learn to forget to put your attention on what you don't want, what you've been worrying about and instead step into the desired state that allows you to focus on completely different things.


Level: Yoga classes are designed to satisfy all practitioners, from beginners to advanced.



>>>Do you want to know what will happen in detail in each of the 7 days of Retreat in Alghero?

Scroll below to read the full schedule.




Gemma Gilmour

Hi! I’m Gemma – a mum of 3, behaviour analyst and mindset coach dedicated to helping ambitious women step into their best selves to create a life they love. I help women break free from procrastination, perfectionism and the need for control through over-analysing, worst-case scenario thinking and incessant "what if"-ing. In my coaching sessions I teach how to reprogram your subconscious mind in a way that allows you can show up as the women you want to become. By the end of our time together you'll be able to step into your full power and authority as you realise your own goals from a place of ease and joy. By focusing on change from the inside - out and using a blend of neuroscience, neurosemantics and quantum physics I provide a transformational coaching experience that addresses the entire mind-body-emotion-soul system. Coaching with me is about taking inspired action from a place of surrender; let go of 'the how' and allow things to come to you - mindset coaching will help make it all possible.


Manuela But

I am a passionate and creative woman and mother, always interested in holistic disciplines and in search of the true Self. In 2001, I began my intense journey of practice with the most famous Yoga and Pilates teachers worldwide and since then I have continued my studies unceasingly.

Since 2008, I am Senior teacher of Pilates and Yoga, specialized in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Pregnancy Yoga, Nidra Yoga, Pranayama, Tantra Meditation and Ho'oponopono meditation.

With empathy and dedication, I love to guide and inspire my students in the path of personal growth and wellbeing.

In 2022, together with my husband Marco, I founded Shakti Retreats in Sardinia, an island rich in history and natural wonders.




Sunday 27.08 (Arrivals)

• From 5.00pm - Check in in the rooms (it is possible to leave the luggage and sit in the garden or swimming pool even earlier)

• 7.30pm-8.00pm - Welcome Ritual

• 8.00pm-9.00pm - Dinner

Monday 28.08

• 8.00am-9.00am - Breakfast

• 9.00am-11.00am - Session 1: “Identifying your patterns” & Journaling

• 11.00am-6:30pm - Free time or excursion

• 6.30pm-7.30pm - Gentle Vinyasa Yoga Practice: “Let go and Surrender”

• 8.00pm-9.00pm - Dinner

Tuesday 29.08

• 8.00am-9.00am - Breakfast

• 09:00am-11:00am - Session 2: Building Response-ability & Journaling

• 11:00am-6:30pm - Free time or sailboat tour

• 6.30pm-7.30pm - Vinyasa Yoga Practice: “New roots and empowering”

• 8:00pm-9:00pm - Dinner

Wednesday 30.08

• 8.00am-9.00am - Breakfast

• 9:00am-11:00am -Session 3: Liberating The Self

• 11:00am-6:30am - Free time or excursion

• 6.30pm-7.30pm - Yin Yoga & Nidra Practice: “Plant new seeds”

• 8:00pm-9:00pm - Dinner

Thursday 31.08

• 8.00am-9.00am - Breakfast

• 9:00am-11:00am -Session 4: Building An Attitude Of Optimism & Journaling

• 11:00am-6:30pm - Free time or sailboat

• 6.30pm-7.30pm -Vinyasa Yoga Practice: “Trust and go with the flow”

• 8:00pm-9:00pm - Dinner

Friday 01.09

• 8.00am-9.00am - Breakfast

• 9:00am-11:00am - Session 5: Embodying Trust & Envisioning A New You & Journaling

• 11:00am-6:30pm - Free time or excursion

• From 7:00pm - Final Ritual

• 8.00pm-9.00pm - Buffet

Saturday 02.09 (Departures)

• 8.00am-9.00am - Breakfast and goodbye

• Before 11:00am - Check out from the rooms (it is possible to leave the luggage and sit in the garden or swimming pool even in the following hours).



What is INCLUDED in the registration fee:

· 1 Welcome ritual

· 1 Final ritual

· 6 Overnight stays in single, double or triple rooms

· 5 Morning Coaching Sessions with Meditation & Journaling

· 4 Evening Yoga classes: each practice is special and matched to the morning coaching sessions.

· 6 Breakfasts/Brunches

· 6 Dinners vegan/vegetarian, with km-zero and cruelty-free products

· Water, tea and herbal teas for the entire duration of the stay

· 7 days of use of the garden, the pool and the whirlpool.




*** Take advantage of our PROMOTION!

The first 3 members will also receive a FREE beautiful journal.



To enrich your holiday, the following are also available upon request:

· SPA massages, holistic and energy treatments

· Excursions by sailboat or dinghy

· Excursions on horseback, SUP or canoe, by bike or on foot

· SUP Yoga or SUP or Surf lessons

· Private or semi-private classes in Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, TRX, HIIT

· Cooking, language, piano lessons

· Take away lunches

· Bar service and extra drinks from breakfast onwards (smoothies, fresh extracts, aperitifs, drinks)

· Transportation from the airport or port





Tel. +39 328 8166955

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